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Read below what others in the Sioux Falls diocess say about CURSILLO!!!

“Going to a Cursillo weekend is one of the best decisions we have ever made!  As a husband and wife, it worked out that we were able to go to consecutive weekends, although it was not easy with young children at home.  During our Cursillo weekends, our hearts were truly awakened to God’s love and grace working in our lives.  We learned so much about the beauty of our faith and the power of the Holy Spirit and have experienced a new direction in our personal walks of faith.  This strengthening of our own personal faith in the love of Jesus has in turn strengthened our family and our marriage.”            

— Chris and Kathryn Schmit, Brookings.

“My Cursillo was truly the jump start I needed to get me going on my journey of faith.  The weekend was an awesome experience and a time for me to learn about my relationship with God.  Not only did I get to know God in a deeper way, I also met many wonderful people.  Many of these people have become some of my closest and dearest friends.  Cursillo is the best thing I could have done for me, my marriage, my faith and my family.”

— Mary Devlin, Sioux Falls.  

“Cursillo takes you back to what is important in life.  It shows you where you are in your relationship with Christ and reminds you of where you need to be in your relationship with Christ.  I don't know of a better experience to ‘get you back on track.’  His track.”

—Doug Budig, Yankton.  

“The Cursillo movement has changed my life.  It has deepened my faith and helped me find peace.  The people I have met in the Cursillo movement have become good friends.  It is a moving experience I think everyone should try.”

— Candy Willms, Brookings.

 “The Cursillo weekend is an amazing experience that brings you into an environment that is safe and comfortable. You are able to learn and grow in your faith journey.  The memories and friendships that are made are everlasting.."

—Kelly Budig, Yankton .  

“As a priest, I have experienced the Cursillo I made as a candidate and the dozens of weekends I made as a team member from a somewhat different perspective. It has been heartwarming and faith-building for me as a priest to see the dedication, faith, and holiness of the team & candidates, and to see the miracles that the Holy Spirit works during each weekend. It is a real spiritual battery-recharger for me each time I participate!!”

—Fr. Rod Farke, Diocesan Spiritual Director for Cursillo for ~30 years, Brookings. 

 “Cursillo has helped strengthen my relationship with God, improved my prayer life, and given me more courage to express my faith around others.  It's also introduced me to other Catholics who are excited about their faith--how refreshing!  With both my husband and I making a Cursillo, it has deepened the spiritual aspect of our marriage as well.  We should have made a Cursillo 20 years sooner!”

—Pat Hansen, Yankton.